Thursday, August 6, 2009


Jeez, so I haven't done much of anything lately, but at the same time I haven't uploaded what I've been doing lately. Hopefully I'll do that soon!

On a side note, SCHOOL'S ABOUSTA START! :( I'm having so much fun drawing for fun haha, I'm not sure iCan go back to working my ass hard on some stuff iDon't wanna do.

Also, I think I might wanna go with Daly for character design, I feel that he'll have more to offer of the field I'd like to go in, rather than Rob. However, as AMAZING as Rob is, I'm not sure if I'd like to go to Daly. I'm so foncused right now. Dah well, maybe I'll update today! After 20 cups of coffee at Denny's with Nathy poo, and 1 hour of drawing, and another hour of talking wow, I believe I can stay up and do a bit more sketches! Maybe iCan vectorize some of these too! :D

Anyways, good day all. For the little few that actually visit this shitty ass blog.

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